PURPLE Montana Program Coordinator Position Available

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Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies-Montana

was recently recognized nationally for their work in implementing

The Period of PURPLE Crying.


We Make The Lives Of Families In Montana Better

We promote expectant parents to sign-up for Text4Baby – text ‘BABY’ to 511411 – it is free, simple and a healthy way to start your pregnancy.

We offer a free crib and sleeper along with education to families about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) through Safe Sleep For Baby. We also seek to prevent shaken baby syndrome (SBS) by educating parents about how to cope with crying. We offer our programs in all 56 Montana counties through public health departments.

PURPLE Montana Program educates parents about the normalcy of crying and how to prevent abusive head trauma. 

We work closely with the Montana Children's Trust Fund to strengthen families and communities to prevent child maltreatment. We hope you will Get Involved and join our efforts to make Montana a healthier and happier place – one baby at a time!

OUR MISSION - Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies ensures that no Montana babies zero to three are in jeopardy, and instead are welcome, safe, healthy, and treasured!


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