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Safe Seat for Baby for Public Health Nurses and Early Childhood Professionals

Safe Seat for Baby provides car seats at no cost to families in need. When a family is identified, local public health departments or early childhood specialists make a referral to the program. This program ensures that a safe car seat is available for Montana children. Education and training is provided to parents via certified Car Seat Technicians about how to properly install their new car seat.

The primary source of funding for Safe Seat for Baby comes from the Healthy Montana Teen parenting program, therefore the majority of parents that receive resources from Safe Seat for Baby must be between the ages of 15 and 24.

If a client is outside of these age parameters, we still might be able to provide a car seat for your client. Please call Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies- The Montana Coalition at 406.449.8611 or email to confirm the availability of funds prior to submitting an order form. 


View and download the full Safe Seat Instructions.

Step 1: Public Health Nurses or other family support organizations can order a car seat by filling out the Safe Seat for Baby Order Form. For every client, please fill out the order form.

Step 2: Submit the form via email to or mail to HMHB at 400 N. Park Ave., Helena, MT 59601.

Step 3: After you have received the car seat, contact a local certified car seat technician and facilitate the install appointment. We suggest coordinating with the car seat technician to arrange an exchange with them directly before the time of the appointment, ensuring that the parents can receive the seat, have it installed, and learn about car seat safety.

  • Your client cannot receive the car seat prior to their meeting with the tech.
  • Due to the nature of having to meet with a car seat tech, it is advised that the release form be signed before they meet with the car seat tech. The Safe Seat for Baby Release form must be signed by the client and your program’s witness (typically the professional that ordered the car seat). Confirmation of a meeting with the tech will also need to be provided.
  • HMHB can provide you with  a list of your local car seat technicians. If there aren’t car seat techs in your area, please contact HMHB and notify us of this community need.

Additional Information

Orders are made weekly on Tuesdays and Friday.

Car seats can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks to arrive at your facility.

It may be in the best interest of your organization to keep an “emergency” car seat or two on hand for clients that need a car seat immediately. If you choose to keep extra car seats on hand, the release form will need to be submitted when a client is identified. Please include an order form for the extra car seas with a note on the order form that designates it as an “emergency” car seat. Once the extra seat has been matched with a client, please submit an order for a new emergency car seat.