2020 Census:

Counting Young Children in Montana

The 2020 Census has commenced! Invitations will arrive to families in mid-March via mail but the census can be completed online in as little as 10 minutes! Answering these basic questions about your family and household has a big impact on our state for the next ten years.

Children under the age of five are considered a hard to reach population. Nearly 2 million children were not counted in the last census. This under count seriously impacts public funding, resulting in overcrowded classrooms, fewer child care options and stressed health care systems.
That is why it is so important for those already working with families with young children to know about the census and to let others know the how to and the importance of completing the census. HMHB has created a toolkit to help our partners with this important work!

Tool Kit Contents:

  • Counting Young Children in Montana PowerPoint
    • For use in public presentations to convey why it is important we count everyone on the 2020 Census and why focusing on young children is particularly important
  • Social Media Content
    • Contains suggested posts, images and links you can use to convey this message via Facebook and more.
      • 3 General Census Awareness Posts
      • Weekly posts focusing on young children
  • Printed Materials
    • Coloring Sheets
    • Census 2020 Sticker Template
    • Outreach Letter and Fact Sheet for Foster Kids
    • Outreach Letter and Fact for Families without a Permanent Address
    • Ideas for 2020 Census Engagement
Access the Counting Young Children Toolkit