Update April 28, 2023: HMHB’s report to the Montana Office of Community Service regarding the AmeriCorps planning process and the survey results are now available. Thank you again to everyone who participated in this process. We learned a great deal, and HMHB looks forward to continuing to explore ways to support Montana families and the professionals working with them.

Update Feb. 28, 2023: Brie MacLaurin is stepping down as HMHB’s Executive Director, effective March 31. Given this upcoming change of leadership and some other factors, HMHB has determined it does not have the capacity to apply for an AmeriCorps State operating grant at this time. HMHB anticipates writing a summary report of what we learned, which will be posted shortly along with any additional updates. HMHB thanks all who participated in the HMHB AmeriCorps survey, conversations, and other efforts to explore the possibility of this program. We continue to be amazed by the great work and innovations of individuals and organizations helping Montana families!

Original language: HMHB has received an AmeriCorps planning grant to explore whether and how we might design an AmeriCorps State program to place members with organizations throughout Montana to better serve families of children age 0 to 3. Please watch the video below or view the slides if you need an introduction.