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Safe Seats for Baby and Safe Sleep for Baby programs are two long-running programs that give Montana caregivers the tools they need to keep babies safe.

While we know these material supports certainly aren’t all that babies need, we know that offering these free resources can be the help that parents and caregivers need to make caring for a new baby, just a little easier.

HMHB partners with a broad array of community based family serving organizations (displayed in the map) to get these resources in to the hands of families.  Please use the map to find the partner agency that can best serve you or your client.  If you don’t see an organization near to you, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us at for some assistance in connecting to services you can access.  You may also call us at 406-449-8611 for help.

SafeSeat for Baby provides car seats at no cost to Montana families. Families who receive car seats also undergo training on how to install and use the seat from a Child Passenger Safety Technician. Find more about this program here.

Car Seat Safety Technicians
(Western, Central, Eastern Montana)

Child Passenger Safety Technicians are a group of trained experts we call upon to assist in car seat installation and evaluation.  We provide these contacts to assist our Safe Seat for Baby partners in distributing seats.
To ensure that all Montana families can create safe sleep environments for babies, the Safe Sleep for Baby Program provides families with portable cribs at no cost.  Find more about this program here.

If you are interested in becoming an HMHB partner, please contact us at for more information on how you can access these programs, as well as other resources HMHB has to offer, to build on the work you are doing in your community.