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The Importance of Being Seen

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Yesterday morning, my good friend (and fellow mama) was recapping her morning. She exuberantly recounted all that had taken place in the past 12ish hours: last minute book report that…

Linking Infants and Families to Supports (LIFTS)

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With funding from Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HMHB has been working on many fronts in improving healthcare for those experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) in Montana.  Work continued…

Safe Sleep for Baby

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HMHB has a long running program called SafeSleep for Baby which provides Pack ‘n’ Play Playards and safe sleep materials at no cost to families in need. When a family…

Building Bridges for Better Births Year 2 (B4)

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In August 2018, HMHB was awarded a second year of funding from the Montana Healthcare Foundation (MHCF) to assist in building community connections to support MHCF’s Perinatal Substance Use Disorder…