SafeSleep for Baby Program

The safest place for babies to sleep is on their back, in a crib, in the same room as their parents. Following these precautions helps protect against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). See our recommendations to parents for keeping babies safe while they sleep.

To ensure that all Montana families can create safe sleep environments for babies, the Safe Sleep for Baby Program provides families with portable cribs at no cost.

Family support organizations, including local health public departments, distribute the cribs. Families may also receive education about SIDS and shaken baby syndrome, including how to cope with a crying baby.

How to order SafeSleep Kits:

Referrals for safe sleep items must come from a public health department or other family support organization.

To order safe sleep items for your patients or clients:

  1. Place the Order. Complete the online order/request form.
  2. Print and complete the receipt & release form for your records.
  3. Deliver the crib. At delivery, an expert from your organization must demonstrate how to set up the portable crib and review the educational materials included.
  4. If possible, have the family complete a photo release form and send us a photo or video of them so we can share their success story. Please make sure the file is in JPG/JPEG format with good resolution (around 72 DPI, with the file size between 50 and 200 KB).

Safe Sleep Public Messaging Campaign

As part of the State of Montana’s First Years Initiative, HMHB partnered with the Department of Health and Social Services to create new materials with safe sleep information. This includes information for grandparents, professional, friends, and more, as we heard Montana families when they said people other than parents may help put baby to sleep. There is also information around safe sleep products, safe bed-sharing, and traditional sleep positions.

View the Safe Sleep Campaign Materials

Traditional Sleep is Safe Sleep.

A conversation about traditional safe sleep and cradle boards with Salisha Old Bull of the Salish and Crow tribes.