Infant Crying

Period of PURPLE Crying

Frequent crying is normal for babies, but can be challenging for caregivers. The Period of PURPLE Crying is a way to understand your baby’s crying.

All babies cry, but some more than others. Use the Period of PURPLE Crying education to learn more.

Peak of Crying

Baby may cry more each week, with a peak in crying at 2 months old


Crying can come and go for no obvious reason

Resists Soothing

Baby may keep crying no matter what you try

Pain-like Face

Baby may look like they’re in pain when they aren’t


Crying can last 5 or more hours per day


Baby may cry more in the afternoon and evening

Things to keep in mind

  1. Crying is natural. Lots of crying doesn’t mean something is wrong with your baby, and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. Remember that you’re both learning during this time.
  2. You may find some approaches to soothing your baby work often, but nothing will work all the time.
  3. Caring for a crying infant is hard. Remember to care for yourself too, so you’re calm and prepared to make the best parenting decisions for your baby.

What you can do

Try these common soothing techniques:

  • Carry your baby around while talking or singing to them.
  • Make eye contact and smile.
  • Turn on white noise, like a fan or vacuum cleaner, or hum softly against your baby’s head.
  • Give them a bath, making sure not to leave them unattended.
  • Take your baby for a ride in the car.
  • Feed them. If you aren’t breastfeeding, try paced bottle feeding.
  • Burp your baby to help clear any air built up in their stomach, which can hurt.
  • Gently pat, stroke, or massage your baby.
  • Kiss your baby.

If you become frustrated, put the baby in a safe place and walk away until you feel calm. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member for support.

If you’re worried about your baby’s health, call your health care provider.

For more information on how to soothe baby, visit our video page.

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