Montana Home Visiting Coalition

What is Home Visiting?

Home visiting is a voluntary, proven support and coaching service that strengthens families through pregnancy and early childhood. Trained home visitors, such as nurses and early childhood specialists, work with expecting parents and caregivers of children through kindergarten entry to build parenting skills and connect families with needed services to support optimal physical, social, and emotional child development.

Through the trusting relationships formed with home visitors, Montana parents are empowered to build self-sufficiency and achieve stable, healthy futures for their families.

Home Visiting in Montana

Healthy Montana Families (HMF), Montana’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program, provides most of the home visiting services in Montana. HMF implements four home visiting models through 18 local public health departments and non-profit organizations in 16 counties, including 3 tribal communities. Additional models are also available across Montana, including Healthy Families America and Enhance Parent Aide.

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Areas Served:

Models Implemented in Montana:

Proven Outcomes for Participating Families

Research has proven the benefits of home visiting, including:

  • improved birth outcomes
  • early detection of health issues and developmental delays
  • improved coordination with and referral to other community services
  • improved kindergarten readiness
  • improved family self-sufficiency
  • improved parenting practices
  • reduced child abuse, neglect, crime and domestic violence

Our Coalition is Formed

As research has demonstrated the incredible return on investment that evidence-based home visiting services give back to communities and families, the Montana Home Visiting Coalition was created in 2021 with the goal of increasing funding for these important services.  While there is existing state and federal funding to support these programs, waiting lists exist and current budget shortfalls prevent programs from serving all of the families that would like to receive them.

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The Montana Home Visiting Fund is Established

The Montana Home Visiting Fund provides a unique opportunity to blend public and private funding to support evidence-based home visiting services for families across Montana, including those in our Tribal Nations.  This fund is held at the Montana Community Foundation and is administered by The Montana Home Visiting Coalition, of a group of nonprofits, foundations, and programs providing home visiting services to families. The Coalition will distribute any donations made to this fund to programs providing or wishing to provide home visiting services to families in Montana.  

This fund was set up in order to create a pathway for private entities and foundations to support evidence-based home visiting programs, without creating a need for donations to be made to each individual program that may need them. The funds will be distributed to Coalition Members by Coalition members, in accordance with program need and a process developed by the Coalition, to ensure that 98% of the funds received will be used by the programs in communities to prevent caseload cuts and to expand services.

We hope that you will consider donating to The Montana Home Visiting Fund to support this important work that involves preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) while creating positive childhood experiences (PCEs) for children in our state.  Evidence-based home visiting is a voluntary service that truly changes the lives of children and families.  The impacts of a donation today will multiply in return for Montana families and our communities.

Donate to the Montana Home Visiting Fund

The Montana Home Visiting Coalition is facilitated by Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, The Montana Coalition, with funding provided by Headwaters Foundation, W.E & O.P. Edwards Foundation and the State of Montana.

To learn more, please contact:
Sarah Corbally
Director of Government Relations, HMHB
(406) 457-5475