Montana Children’s Health Data Partnership Project

The Montana Children’s Health Data Partnership Project (MCHDPP) is developing ten actionable, shared early childhood measures for use across the State of Montana to improve the health of children. The MCHDPP has brought together public and private sector partners, including local early childhood coalitions, insurance providers, and state and local leaders to develop these shared measures, using a collective impact framework. The measures include risk and protective factors, with the goal of integrating health outcomes from positive experiences (HOPE), balancing risk and resilience.

Project Overview

In 2016, HMHB began working with local early childhood coalitions (ECCs) from across the State of Montana.  The coordinators of these ECCs began meeting as a group to discuss how local coalitions could work together to better achieve their shared goals and objectives.  These meetings continued throughout 2017, including a training by Halliday & Associates on the Collective Impact Framework.  This training provided the ECC coordinators an opportunity to consider whether Collective Impact could be used to develop a common agenda in order to increase their ability to impact system change and alignment on a statewide level.

As the group continued to learn about the Collective Impact Framework, it became clear that an important first step would be to develop shared measures of early childhood health that could be used to measure the impact of the work these ECCs are doing in their local communities.  In response, HMHB brought local ECC coordinators together with key stakeholders to agree upon shared measures.
In February 2018, HMHB convened a group of public and private early childhood health stakeholders and local ECC coordinators to kick off the Montana Children’s Health Data Partnership Project, a year-long effort with the goal of selecting approximately ten shared measures to use for a data dashboard that would allow ECCs and stakeholders across Montana to track these outcomes and demonstrate the impact of their work.

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