Safe Sleep: Learn, Plan, Provide

Safe Sleep: Learn, Plan, Provide was announced as part of the First Years Initiative in June 2020. Below are materials, training videos, and more information on how to use the campaign.

When creating Safe Sleep: Learn, Plan, Provide, HMHB worked very closely with folks across Montana to create public messaging that was responsive to their concerns and needs as caregivers and providers. We created a diversity of tools to help with these personal, and sometimes difficult, conversations that providers and caregivers were having and adopted a harm reduction approach to bed sharing.  We created a diversity of materials that both do and do not address this topic, in order to best support family support providers in catering materials they presented to their clients. We are proud to support providers in having honest conversations with parents and caregivers who ultimately decide what is best for themselves and their families.

The most recent guidelines issued by The American Academy of Pediatrics in July of 2022, encourage providers to have honest and non-judgmental conversations with patients. The resource, Building on Campaigns with Conversations, is a series of learning modules designed for  a range of health professionals, human service providers, community health workers, home visitors, and peer supporters who interact with families on topics of safe sleep and breastfeeding. The modules were developed by the National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health (NCEMCH) while it operated the National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep (NAPPSS, 2014-2017).

Print Materials

There are five posters designs to choose from and are designed at 13" x 9".
There are five rack card designs available. They are sized at 4" by 9".
There are seven postcard designs to choose from, sized at 4" x 6".
Below are two magnets, sized 3.5" x 2" in a vertical and horizontal option. They come with a QR code that leads to the safe sleep page for parents. Vertical  Horizontal 

Social Media

Below are square images at 600 pixels by 600 pixels that are perfect for sharing on social media. To download, right click on the image and save the file.
Below are square images at 600 pixels by 600 pixels that are perfect for sharing on social media. These graphics have a humorous take on the experience of having a new baby. To download, right click on the image and save the file.
Below are square images at 600 pixels by 600 pixels that are perfect for sharing on social media. These are targeted to grandparents and other family or friends who help with baby. To download, right click on the image and save the file.
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This video discusses the approach of the 2020 Safe Sleep Campaign, how it's different than previous ones, and what's available to help you spread the message. View the Video
This video was developed in response to the request for information specific to grandparents and how they can help with safe sleep for baby. Featuring Brie Oliver, Executive Director of HMHB-MT, and Karen Cantrell, Director of the Indian Affairs Office in Montana DPHHS, this video provides information for grandparents, but can be useful to anyone who is helping with baby. View the Video
Join Salisha OldBull, a Salish mother, for her experiences with using a cradle board for safe sleep. Due to the length of the video, there is a full length version (~36 minutes) as well as sectioned out versions for those looking for specifics. View the Full Length Video (~36 minutes) View the Cradle Board Tips Video (~7 minutes) View the Cradle Boards and Culture Video (~19 minutes) View the Cradle Board 101 Video (~11 minutes)

Print Advertising

There are three billboards on Montana Highways. They are all the same design, showcasing various safe sleep positions. The artwork is below.   The billboard can be seen at:
  • US 2 in Cutbank, near the intersection of 2nd Street
  • I-90 West in Hardin, near exit 495
  • I-15 North in Great Falls, near mile marker 276
There are two bus shelters being utilized as well: one in Kalispell and one in Great Falls. They are 47″ by 68″ large.  To view the designs, click on the location names.
These print ads were designed for Prime Magazine, a monthly publication for seniors out of Bozeman. They are sized at 4.75" x 4.78".
There are two print ads--one for Mother's Day and one for Father's Day--which will run in all Lee Montana newspapers across the state. They are 4.889" by 10.5" in full color.

Digital Advertising

These digital banners are 728 by 90 pixels. To download, right click on the image and select save.
These ads were created for several of the airports and will run in the summer when travel is the highest. They are 1920 by 1080 pixels and will scale well for most digital screens. To download, right click on the image and save the file.
The ads below are designed at 300 by 250 pixels, perfect for mobile phone access. To download, right click on the image and select save.
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There are two options for the one-sheeter. Option 1 has images on the top and bottom, while Option 2 has images throughout the document.  
When the campaign was announced, the media coverage was very positive. Below are links to a few online articles discussing the campaign and how it fits into the First Years Initiative.   There was additional broadcast coverage on various news stations, however their video is only available for 30 days after the airing.  

This project is funded in whole or in part under a contract with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. The statements herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Department.

Our Campaign, “Safe Sleep: Learn, Plan, Provide”, was recognized in the
2021 Hermes Creative Awards 

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A special “THANK YOU” to our partners at KAI for helping us develop and design this campaign!